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Ranpra Auto Spares sells compressors of the following brands: Wabco, Knorr, Haldex, Bpw and Saf – Holland. In our warehouse there are about 50 references related to compressors. Compressors are the devices that allow the pneumatic system to work; they take motion from the drive shaft, and are lubricated by the same oil, generating the pressure necessary to operate the braking system, the sound system, or services such as power take-offs, the compressed air utility inside the truck. They may be single-cylinder in lighter vehicle series, or twin-cylinder in heavy-duty series. In compressors, some parts of the top, head, seals, and pistons are sometimes serviceable On compressors there is a nameplate that distinguishes the model and shows the brand and part number. Before mounting the compressor, it is highly advisable to check the cleanliness of the pneumatic suction and discharge system, so that no impurities remain and damage either the new compressor, if the impurities are upstream of it, or the valves if downstream.

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Compressors may be classified according to the pressure delivered: Low-pressure air compressors (LPACs), which have a discharge pressure of 150 pounds per square inch (10 bar) or less. Medium-pressure compressors which have a discharge pressure of 151 to 1,000 pounds per square inch (10.4 to 68.9 bar). High-pressure air compressors (HPACs), which have a discharge pressure above 1,000 pounds per square inch (69 bar). There are numerous methods of air compression, divided into either positive-displacement or roto-dynamic types. Single-stage reciprocating compressor Multi-stage reciprocating compressor Compound Compressor Single stage rotary-screw compressor Two-stage rotary screw compressor Rotary vane pump Scroll Compressor Another way of classification, is by lubrication type: oil lubricated and oil-free. The oil-less (or oil-free) system has more technical development such as they do not require oil for lubrication. oil-less air compressors are also lighter and more portable than oil-lubricated models but require more maintenance. On other side Oil-lubricated air compressors are the more traditional type of air compressor. They require oil to lubricate the engine which helps prolong the compressor's life. One of the benefits of oil-lubricated compressors is that they tend to be more durable and require less maintenance than oil-free compressors.