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Car batteries are devices whose purpose is to accumulate electrical energy and release it in the form of direct current: in cars the function of the battery is to allow the ignition of the starter motor through a small discharge, and to keep the electrical system active. Emporio Rossi sells original and compatible batteries of the best brands for all car models. A car’s battery is rather small in size but plays a huge role in running the vehicle smoothly. It’s even responsible for properly working all the features our modern cars have. These include everything from power steering and power brakes to radio and electrical sunroof. Of course, the battery is also responsible for the functioning of the starter motor, which, in turn, is responsible to start the car. Over the years, a battery’s life is reduced to a point where it becomes of no use. In case you plan to replace it, here are the most common car battery types and along with a comparison of them.

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Car Battery Types

Lead Acid Battery:

VRLA batteries:

Lithium Ion Battery:

Solid State: